The fall of Kaedya

This is the first song in which Kaedya the great is mentioned.

Haa gle nauil thuna

Fanhela besal uluh

Kaedya bhall larahal

ere salh gle dax

T’mak meh dailal

I t’gazal

Baal bhall veruin

gle celsek besal kolkal

Houluh arad Razzal Thrês

realk meh lirith

meh askil besal jaghanuil wholkal


Flowers and trees tall

Leafs was white

Kaedya the great walked

with hope and laughter

A day she traveled

to a dungeon

 where great despair

and horror was found

the shadow of nevermore

tore her appart

Her blod was unrightfully spilled


So i made a language for Kardel Sharpeye and this is what i got so far

Language of the people of guntul

This is what i needed so far:

city = dur

Mountain = Bhelze

Valley = Thrês

of = arad

Shore = Pfal’ik

Stone = razik kan sammentækkes in til fx Pfal’ik

Great = Bhall

Plains = Pfal’un

Honor = Wynn

Evil = Thrês

River = Ailun

land = gazhul

epic = Razzal

Barren = Gath

Waste = Lirith

awe = Ahril

Water = Khrel

Ocean = Khral

Cold = Helh

North = Bhelak

East = Irith

South = Thrêl

West = Narath